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Poetry: Nerdy At The Roots [#napowrimo2011]

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On May 1st, with the GeekWeek network, I’m going to help launch a new niche website called Komplicated. Advertised as being for “geeks of color,” in reality it’ll be as much a Black geek site as Power 106 is a Latino hip hop radio station. “Latin at the roots,” I used to say, and to borrow a phrase from Medusa of Feline Science, this site is “nappy at the roots.”

Which isn’t to say that there won’t be stuff to interest Latinos, Asians, white people, or even Martians (as many consider J’onn J’onzz a “brother”) in the same way Public Enemy is popular with audiences around the globe. Like Fox News, Komplicated has a slant to its reporting. Unlike Fox News, we’ll admit it.

So, alongside text and visual pieces to describe Komplicated, I hope to include this once it’s polished and workshopped …

Why are we doing this?

Third in line under pouring rain for latest iDevice.
Cosplaying meticulously crafted Chun Li costume,
but in red velvet instead of blue
because color works better.
Patiently giving directions to technophobic mother
who doesn’t know what street she’s on.

Glancing around for best spots to hide cables,
listening to Michael Davis panels in San Diego
Cursing at clock
determined to keep moving towards “late for work”
while one last mission keeps Playstation humming.

Why are we doing this?

Meticulously organized collections
of Babylon 5 folder icons
or Vertigo trade paperbacks,
we’re Bigger Thomas invisible
in convention photo galleries,
Friends and Seinfeld populations
drifting by background scenes
so rarely we’re easy to miss.

We’re still at blockbuster opening nights,
still making sure we have just the right snarky t-shirt
still secret fuel for Matrices and Mace
because possibility is often better than reality.
@tombrevoort says market isn’t interested,
Nielsen pretends we don’t exist,
beyond modern chitlin circuit cinema.
Jetsons and Flintstones say
we have no future nor any past
but we receive Nichelle Nichols hailing signals
And Lando lines from clouds
like phaser beams and @lupefiasco lasers
dancing in darkness.
Mocking laughter needs a higher THAC0
to put dirt on true Wakandan shoulders.

We are, in a word, komplicated.
Dubois dreams in @donaldglover reality,
incapable of being wedged into stereotypes,
our shape defies Euclidian geometry
because we know its Imhotep root.
Outcasts amongst outcasts
listening to Outkast
hyper-text hip hop rocking like Vernon Reid.
We have to do this,
creating ourselves
in worlds that deny our existence.

By Hannibal Tabu

... truth of the matter is, I'm komplicated ...

... truth of the matter is, I'm komplicated ...

Myshell wanted to hold this back, to film me reading it splicing in all the attendant images and what not, which can still happen … but a brother needed a poem for tomorrow and he who hesitates is lost, I’ve seen.

Anyhoo, by next week, Komplicated.com should be up and running, so either watch this space or keep an eye on the Komplicated fan page.

As always, thank you for your time and indulgence.

Playing (Music): “Fighters” by @lupefiasco featuring Matthew Santos

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