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Poetry: Fight Song [#napowrimo2011]

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Is this late? Am I behind? I can’t tell.

I really look forward to workshopping this one of these days, as some of the lines really hooked me.

Art is most sacred battleground in data war.

Equations to inflation,
dinosaurs to Dyno-Mutt,
Ineffable iotas of information
comprise every monolith and monologue,
Schroedinger to Eisenberg,
Dwayne McDuffie to William Shakespeare,
there are no differences
there is only one thing.

Yet ministers of defense deliver shrapnel sermons
preaching salvo salvation,
re-education through superior firepower
spreading our way of life,
sponsored by British Petroleum.

I hold hand me down hustle as my weapon,
Inherited insurgency,
sworn to hold that line
hold that note
holding back the tears
to load them like bullets
into recoilless vignettes.
Friends, Romans, crusaders,
peacekeepers, contractors, special forces,
There are no differences.
There is only one thing.

Battle lines drawn
Impermanent ink
Real work’s done in editing.
We can fix it in post.
We’re at war with Eastasia.
We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

I am a universal soldier.

Thirty eighth tour of duty,
I proudly serve
legacy of literature
from pimp pick up lines
to published poetry,
face first in the trenches,
take next hill so neither daughter will.
Let them fight from higher ground.

Maybe they’ll find out who’s winning.

“Universal Soldier”
By Hannibal Tabu

My brain wants to make the art piece more prevalent near the end to balance the first line, but I don’t know if it’s right. Like I said, workshop. First drafts are just that.

See you tomorrow.

Playing (Music): “Respect Yourself” by Bruce Willis

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One Response to “Poetry: Fight Song [#napowrimo2011]”

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