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Life: Older 2011

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After a long, quiet year, I am back on social networking and a year older.

One more time around the sun

One more time around the sun

As I often tell people, despite all of its challenges, aging is considerably more appealing than the alternative, the icy and inexorable grasp of the great unknown. My predominant emotion these days is gratitude.

Admittedly, exhaustion is a close second.

This year away from you all has given me a great deal of things. When I left, I had done 11 of the proposed 20 chapters for my third novel. As of this moment, I have done 19 and a third. I’m so close I can taste it, but researching some last details have slowed me down a bit.

In the same vein, I’ve had parts of this blog written in my brain for weeks, yet I’m posting it late on the night of my birthday. C’est la vie. The best laid plans of mice and men are just as likely to fail.

Negativity and frustration are not my reasons for sharing this today. I stand with appreciation for all the people whose support have allowed me to rise above the challenges of this wicked, wicked world. First, foremost and with the most enthusiastic of cheer would have to be my wife, who is a flawless combination of striking beauty with crass vulgarity, remarkable talent and extravagant panache, limitless compassion and sassy statements. She has been my guiding star this year, my constant (apologies to Daniel Faraday) and to her I owe so very much.

I’m also greatly appreciative for the people I work with, people who’ve made it possible for me to do things that could be considered amazing. Tony Defazio and Alex Kitay of (respectively) Starlight Entertainment and Singing For Your Supper Entertainment, whose employment allowed me to retire two years ago as the karaoke host for what was named the best bar in the South Bay by the Daily Breeze. I hosted a karaoke show with no cover that, on multiple instances, had a line out the door waiting to get in. None of that could have been done without Alex and Tony’s support, nor could it have been done without the things I stole learned from Mikey de Lara, Michelle Velasco, Dana Walker Inskeep, Levi Strauss and even Percy Souder Jr.

With my day job at MIMCO, I’m more conservative with identities, but I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people who have taught me and challenged me and helped me and sang with me and laughed with me and generally made working a 9-to-5 more than tolerable and sometimes even enjoyable.

There’s friends who’ve traveled with me for decades and ones as loyal as if they had, despite only knowing me after “Obama” became a household name. There’s people who have enjoyed and supported my work financially and spiritually, people from across the nation and across the world. There’s even a “prayer group” that taught me lessons I may not have wanted to learn (especially in losing one of their number way, way too soon), but surely grew from.

Finally, I have two very special people to appreciate. One is seven years old, she’s an aspiring actress, she’s produced two of her own songs so far (one a cover of Prince’s “Starfish and Coffee,” the second a self-penned pop ditty) and is among the cutest danged people in the whole world. The second is one year old, and gave me a new lease on life, inspiring me to smile and sit still at six o’clock in the morning and just watch her experience everything for the first time. My daughters “Fuss” and “Mooch” are, in a word, amazing. I thank them last but certainly, never ever, least.

It’s 2011. In eighteen months or so I hope to be tweeting from my keynote at Blogworld 2012. I don’t think I can make SDCC again this year, but I do think I’ll be at BlogHer with my wife. Every day is another chance to make something incredible happen. Now that I think of it, I have one more bit of “thanks” to issue forth, and that’s to you. Thanks for being here, thanks for reading, thanks for however your life intersects mine.

Let’s see what happens.

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