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News: The Countdown (or “Breaking The Interwebs In Twelfths”)

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One month from today, I return to social networking.

Twitter. Facebook (with considerable reluctance). Pumping up the mobile site on Tumblr (if you’re not catching my #musicmonday blogs there, you’re so missing out on so much free music). Even MySpace and possibly even Apple’s new Ping (as well as my old Ping, which I still use). Not just broadcasting but interacting (some) with you, the people.

How many days until Hannibal Tabu returns to social networking?

How many days until Hannibal Tabu returns to social networking?

In an ideal world, I’d have two big announcements to make for January 20th — the 38th anniversary of my birth, as well — but I know one won’t be ready and the other has been dragging its heels, but I’m always working on things, moving forward.

In any case, this is as close as you’ll get to a warning for when I plan to break the internet in fifths. Maybe twelfths. Haven’t decided. Hold on to your wigs …

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One Response to “News: The Countdown (or “Breaking The Interwebs In Twelfths”)”

  1. | the operative network | Says:

    [...] week? I’m dropping the bomb, in preparation for my return to social networking. Look for a #musicmonday to blow your doors off, exclusively on the mobile [...]

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