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Politics: The Night Before The Election (or “that one about politics”)

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Tomorrow there will be elections over lots of the United States. Here’s a whole lotta political things I wanna cover. Some I may have handled in earlier blogs, but they’re worth repeating … or I don’t remember. Hard to say. Moving on …

- I only know one thing about Stewart and Colbert’s rally (to “restore sanity” or something about fear) … and that’s the signs were hilarious.

- I don’t vote. I won’t vote. I won’t even register to vote. I have many reasons, some of which I toss out as quotes on a semi-regular basis. “Whether you vote for the lesser of two evils you vote for evil/politics and God are not equal,” — KRS-ONE (who may have flipped out in the last few years with support for Fiddy and Lil Wayne, but his body of work stands). “Conditions in the ‘hood never changed with the president,” — Talib Kweli. In the words of Dr. Ron Daniels, my goal is to become “ungovernable.”

Despite considering myself a prisoner of war (which is part of why I won’t move to, say, Togo or Panama), I don’t want to have any part of this government’s operations. Its law enforcement is an insult, its warmongering politics are a mark of shame on the proud and brave men and women who serve, its public services are underfunded and ill-conceived (San Vicente, for anybody who’s been to LA, is proof positive, or even Houston’s two-ring freeway system, like urban planning with a shotgun), its economic realities would make Charles Dickens shudder in horror, only overshadowed by the fact that (with the help of their imperial cronies) this country’s apparatus has defecated on virtually every other corner of the world and made it hard (for me at least) to make a living there. I’d love to be using my skills and knowledge to help build Liberia or Zimbabwe or Rwanda, but the shadow of imperialism has left those places so besmirched that it’ll take centuries more to work that horror out of the collective consciousnesses of those countries. Voting — local elections, anything — is a tacit approval of the government and robber barons that still profit rapaciously from that bloodshed.

Also, I don’t wanna be called for jury duty. Screw that noise.

- Not that I ever tell anybody else they shouldn’t vote. That’s not my bag. If they like it, hey, cool beans. I just wanna be left out of it. If my kids follow my example, fine and dandy. If they make decisions differently, well, that’s fine too. So go out and do whatever it is you’d prefer! You can call me “V,” as I say, “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.”

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Yeah ... yeah ...

- To quote Homer Simpson, “Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.” I follow politics avidly, in the same way I followed Caprica (may it rest in peace, ill executed as it was) or the way I follow Chuck. It’s a story, a TV show, a bit of pop entertainment. Players come, players go. Which brings me to another fun point I used to say. There’s a kind of gentlemen’s agreement to pretend that South Africa didn’t get nuclear weapons from Israel during the dirty apartheid days. That agreement also pretends that they’re not still there. I often ask people willing to ignore that agreement, “When Nelson Mandela was president, do you think he could have launched those missiles? Do you think Obama can right now? They’re not presidents. They’re pitchmen, like Joe Isuzu. Looks good on TV, but actual limitations are grandiose.”

- The cloning facilities where they took Sarah Palin to make Carla Fiorino and Meg Whitman are not the most sanitary of facilities. The eccentricities in the output is proof positive of that.

Tabu out.

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