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A Day for Accomplishments

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Today was a day of accomplishments all around.

At about 11:30 on Tuesday morning, while flipping between browser windows and creating websites for a Major Integrated Managed Care Organization (let’s go with MIMCO, as I’m trying to minimize how much of my job I discuss online), I got an email that just said “no subject.” It was from my wife so I clicked it … and got some amazing news …

My six-month-old pulls herself up for the first time

My six-month-old pulls herself up for the first time

My baby daughter — Fraulein Fussenfeiffer, Professor Fussenstein, Fuss ‘n’ Poots, or just “Fuss” to most of you — who turns six months old tomorrow, is walking.

“She just pulled up on the coffee table and stood up,” my wife texted me, responding to my elation. “We don’t have a [coffee] table, so I never would have known!”

Buy a coffee table, got it. Also, a couch. A few other things. Whatever. Later for all that.

Look out world, Fraulein Fussenfeffer's on her way!

Look out world, Fraulein Fussenfeffer's on her way!

My littlest one is walking! It’s just a matter of time before she’s interrupting me while I’m speaking and asking to bring some juvenile paramour over without having any of her uncles loom menacingly nearby. Ah, fatherhood …

Me? I got back to work … but with a smile on my face and a warm, soft-baked snickerdoodle in my guts as a minor celebration.

Once I got home, I found out about that my six-year-old “Mooch” cooked dinner. Not “she stuck some food in the microwave and pressed buttons.” She stir fried rice, she prepared shrimp, she made tofu — all herself. She’s involved in learning how to cook as part of an individualized rites of passage program and that led to a delicious Asian-themed dinner, created under the auspices of our good friend, the esteemed educator Ayo. That’s always funny to me, because one of Mooch’s best friend is named Ayo (her other best friend has two daughters, one who graduated from high school recently), so it’s always, “Do you mean grown up Ayo or little Ayo.”

I don’t know many six-year-olds that can cook, and I don’t know many six-month-olds pulling themselves up to stand. To be fair, I don’t know very many six-year-olds or six-month-olds in general. That notwithstanding, it’s a day of accomplishments for the junior varsity members of Team Tabu.

Playing (Music): “Otherside” by Bruno Mars feat. Cee-Lo Green and B.O.B.

PS: If you are reading this via Facebook, RSS or any other syndicated source, hello! I’m not actually where you are — I’m broadcasting to you using fancy Internet Magic ™ because I’m actually taking the year off of social networking. That doesn’t mean I stop blogging, I just stopped going back and forth with people online. Anyway, blogs start on my site and are magically transported here by gnomes. Or chimps. Something short and hairy and weird, like Danny Devito. Work that out in your brain.

In any case, that’s why I never respond to you — I’m not actually here. Are any of us actually anywhere? It’s hard to say. It’s also hard to stop, like a Toyota, but I’m gonna try … now.

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