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This is probably a terrible idea … (National Poetry Writing Month)

… but tomorrow is the start of National Poetry Writing Month, which I did last year (and forgot until I saw Nikki Blak’s blog about it earlier today.

Last year, I started six days late, wrote thirty poems and nearly killed myself. This year, I have a newborn baby and a job that’s been ramping up the stuff they need from me. Will I be taking this year off?

What do I look like, some kinda pansy? Of course not!

So, starting tomorrow, right here, THIRTY DAYS, THIRTY BLOGS, THIRTY POEMS! Believe it!

Yes, I plan to do lots of tankas and haikus. I make no apologies for this. I have a few ideas I didn’t get to last year — a poem from the perspective of Bizarro that my dawg Craig suggested, for example — that will be longer pieces. But they all have to be newly written. No “breaking out an old poem that I wanted to work on some more” — if anybody has ever heard it, it’s not going down.

If I’m alive in thirty days, we’ll all be lucky. Let’s go!

Playing (Music): “Oh Really” by KRS-ONE, Buckshot, Talib Kweli and Geo of Blue Scholars

NOTE: Since this blog is automatically imported into my Facebook page, I apologize if you comment on it and I don’t respond, as I am taking a sabbatical from social networking for 2010. So me not responding is not personal, I just won’t see the comments … until 2011. Maybe. Also including this disclaimer on blogs, but you’re welcome to go to the blog itself and speak your mind, as I may look there …

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One Response to “This is probably a terrible idea … (National Poetry Writing Month)”

  1. Speed math Says:


    I want to personally praise you for putting this blog together, and putting the work in it to make it a worthwhile read. Will be back for more….

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