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I went to Oakland a few weeks ago. Never mind why, some business got transacted and I’m back to tell the tale.

Anyway, during my trip I caught up with my Oakland homeboy and all-purpose kook The Truth Sayer, who took the photo below. He enjoyed some of my fine hospitality at Kincaid’s Taphouse, where a sister named Tennille (as in “The Captain and …”) brought nourishment and tolerated our jokes.

The other member of this assemblage of crazy was libertarian crusader and carb-hater Jere Krischel. We may not agree on much politically, but he’s one of the best people I know. He got into Oakland for business the day before (no, I won’t say what he was doing either) and the rental company gave him the sweetest ride — an almost-brand-new Grand Marquis.

Jere picked me up to coordinate with El Sayer of El Truth at Jack London Square, and the ride there was part Blues Brothers and part police chase. With Jere’s ponytail and my penchant for cursing fools out at the drop of a hat, Jere decided that we were codier versions of Vincent and Julius from Pulp Fiction and demanded we do a shot for shot remake. Luckily, Jere is super busy and crazy ADD, so one recreation photo managed to settle things …

“… we definitely needed shotguns for this sh**!”

… for one wildly entertaining night in Oakland. Maybe Jere will post the recording of our dinner conversation one day. I make no promises …

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