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Commentary Track for Two Weeks of The Buy Pile

All righty then.

Last week I was slammed at work and couldn’t do a Commentary Track. Sorry. Like you freaking care. This week has been pretty brutal too, but I wanna squeeze all I can get from Blogger before I’ve gotta get out of this place

I like the idea of Gravel and a lot of what’s going on, but the pacing is often really slow, making the “wait for the trade” mentality make more sense. Problem is, with my scatterbrained, episodic ability to enjoy entertainment between work and family and writing (more than I’ve done recently, thanks), I never get trades. They’re too much of a time suck. I even load actual books on my phone, to read in snippets stolen from grocery lines or long meetings. Just a note, probably the biggest concern with this ongoing, the pacing.

Hit Monkey sucks. I said it. You can quote me. It should be hilarious and it’s just a lead balloon.

I need Marvel to do something on their website. I need a round table with Amadeus Cho, Layla Miller and the newly (scarily) smart Valeria Richards. Honestly, I’d like to see Vril Dox moderate, but that’s the stuff of fan fiction. Just letting those three loose would tickle me pink (if written well). I don’t believe all three have ever been on panel together, and they’re among Marvel’s most interesting characters (to me) right now. Layla Miller singlehandedly brought me back to X-Factor, because the other characters that got my attention (Monet, Guido) were not getting the time they needed either.

Jonathan Hickman needs to go back to the indies. I said it. He’s too good to be wasted in such a way, on plots that are too finite for his grandeur. I’m debating whether or not Fraction should follow. H1-X1 my butt.

I have to make two interesting notes about my (ongoing) criticism of Blackest Night — I got an email from a reader named Michael Zack (thanks for checking out the work) who wrote:

I was just reading your “Buy Pile” on Comic Book Resources, and I’m the guy who was sitting in a corner crying because of Blackest Night #7. That series is devoid of any literary merit. It’s only goal is to minimize reader creativity and spirit and push forward fan boy moments for that cheap thrill.

I weep for the future of the industry if this is considered to be the gold standard.

That almost made my day (the smiles and hugs of my wife and daughters beat it out, though).

Then I got a nice name check in Jeff Patterson’s SF Signal column, where he said …

… and the fanboys just keep lapping it up, buying it in droves and spouting glowing reviews with each fresh defiling. And the public doesn’t care. People shriek about the portrayal of Teabaggers in Captain America, but have no problem with the dim-witted idea of 100,000 Kryptonians immigrating to Earth or the Green Goblin being put in charge of National Security.

(It needs mentioning here that Hannibal Tabu, who writes The Buy Pile column at Comic Book Resources, has been diligent in finding this stuff offensive. Kudos, Hannibal)

Much appreciation, Jeff.

This is not me saying that agreement makes me right nor more valid — perish the thought. I just don’t know how to respond to the positive mail I get (way, way, way more than the negative, as the detractors, even the professionals, normally just talk crap about me on message boards I’ve never visited), so I’m trying “public gratitude” on for size.

Also: I must note that Quislet (the schoolteacher/retail clerk known to some as Adam K, who lost the famous case of Namor’s ankle wings) first declared that Sinestro was Space Hitler, now wielding the light of the whitest, er, Brightest Day, not me.

Now, as to crossovers in general. Here’s my feeling of most DC crossovers since maybe just after Identity Crisis — “let’s keep adding more and more ridiculous situations and see what happens!” From the Mouse House of Ideas, it seems less fanfic-ish, as they’ll let a weird circumstance (Norman Osborn as head of national security) stand for a long time and leave ramifications of it even after they essentially roll things back to their “mandated by licensing” standpoints. I like lots more individual moments in DC branded comics, but as a general feeling of zeitgeist, make mine Marvel. Just my thoughts.

If you’re not up on Dingo, you completely missed out.

Lalo Martins never told me what was wrong with Great Ten.

John Layman’s doing some interesting stuff with Chew.

In that I haven’t had a “nothing sucks” week in recent memory, I’m ecstatic to say I loved loving comics this week (despite my wife, people at the shop and random passers-by believing I hate everything, despite starting every column with glowing praise … whadda ya gonna do?) …

That should do it for now.

Playing (Music): “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz feat. Fabolous

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