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Commentary Track for December 31st Buy Pile Reviews (UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

There’s actually a lotta discussion and thought that goes into this week’s review(s), so there’s not much that needs to be said … but the images are needed.

The management at CBR isn’t sure this week’s column will be posted as is and on schedule. If you see a link in this paragraph, all was well, and if you see a note with a link, all was wonky. If you see no link, well, the “director’s cut” will eventually run here. (NOTE: The column didn’t run. I’m gonna invoice ‘em for it anyway. Screw that noise …)

Anyhoo, with the exception of the last image shown here, photos are courtesy of Isaac S. Lew and Jason Thompson (where noted), who hopefully will send over videos that can be added shortly … (NOTE: Videos came in after press time, but they’re included here now, due to sheer awesomeness)

In any case, here’s the photos …

The Counselor, presenting his case
Photo by Isaac S. Lew

About a half dozen people gathered around to hear what he had to say.

The Counselor (known as “Da King” or “Your Majesty” to the newly named Quislet) presents his case
Video by Isaac S. Lew
Another view of “the courtroom”
Photo by Jason D. Thompson

Most were awed by the disturbing volume of his scholarship as well as the relentless clarity of his points. Some just cracked up laughing.

A serious presentation of the facts
Photo by Isaac S. Lew

Take any term paper every written, anywhere. This is more serious than that. It’s like some Johnnie Cochrane stuff. The burden of proof was just a start of things, before the real smack down. It was some top rope, elbow-tapping, vengeful god stuff. Also known as “awesome.”

The body of evidence
Photo by Isaac S. Lew

Roy Thomas to Matt Cherniss to Stan Lee, covering every era of comics from the Invaders to the Initiative. Wow.

He said he was scanning and blowing up images in preparation for this at home, and his wife got all Seth Meyers on him and was like, “Really?” It’d be worth it to get a photo of that expression.

Presiding over this madness, Hannibal drove rapidly through LA screaming “HERE COMES JUSTICE!”
Photo by Isaac S. Lew

My stepdaughter was warming up for her second Kwanzaa show performance this week, my wife was struggling with some pregnancy related issues (probably some stuff on the Soapbox about that sooner or later). It was hard to be parted from the family to rule on such a goofy matter, but The Counselor made it a show worth seeing.

The man formerly known as Adam K, sometimes known as little girl’s names, but henceforth known as QUISLET, admitting his complete loss
Photo by Hannibal Tabu

Part of the final ruling was that Quislet here had to be known as “Quislet” as an ironic bit of comeuppance for his earlier “victory,” and has to refer to The Counselor exclusively as “The King” or “Your Majesty” for no fewer than five years. Oh, would you like to see the final judgement? We can do that … Sandy, can we roll that clip?

His Honor Hannibal Tabu stands ready to render judgement.
Video by Isaac S. Lew

Hopefully some sign of this great achievement will be recorded on the Comics Ink wall, but store owner Steve is more about finance than jurisprudence.

Less a battle and more of a felonious assault, The Counselor was like Thor and Quislet here was like Marvin’s cape on the old Superfriends show. Not even close.

Can’t get enough? Download the eight page PDF of the brief — well worth your time.

Playing (Music): “Bedroom Lites” by Idle Warship

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